Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi Terence, what is the rule for increasing grip generally on both ends of the kart? do i increase or decrease the width between the tires?

The genearl rule would be to increase the width at the front, and decrease it at the rear. Its never so simple as that so go out and try lots of settings.

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Hi Terence, I started karting a year ago and keep hurting my ribs. How can I avoid rib damage? I was now advised to drive without protectors, claiming that they push the driver out of the seat and reducing the feel for the kart causing part of the trouble

Not to wear a rib protector to me is pretty crazy!

There is a new one designed so that you can maintain your feel for the kart by Iztech. Write to

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hi Terence, when do you know that you are driving as fast as it is possible? or is it that there are no limits? Because whenever I drive, I have a tendency to look for new ways to drive faster, but it will affect my consistency.

There are definately no limits, but when you feel you are close to the limit you should be looking for small improvements. It's when you start looking for too much improvement that you make mistakes and get inconsistent lap times

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Starting karting Question

Hi i'm currently looking into getting into karting. Which series TKM Senior or ROTAX Senior do you think has the higher standard of driver ie. which one is easier?

At the moment I think it's fair to say that Rotax is attracting more drivers with a trac record of success.

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