Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modus Motor Sport Website

I've just started to put together a website for Modus Motor Sport, they are the suppliers of Haase karts and Swiss Hutless. They also run a busy kart team at Hooton Park, Three Sisters and GYG.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Storm Kart From Intrepid

Apparantly the Storm kart has been around for a while, but has created a real stir in the Uk market since JKH have started to promote this budget chassis. The storm kart is based on an old Intrepid Cruiser design and carries all the usual spec SKM parts. So it looks like in this case, budget kart does not mean it's thrown together with dodgey cheap parts and materials.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking after Kart Chains Article

Here is a new article on taking care of your kart chain

Most people take their chain for granted and only replace them when they break, or they feel like they are ready to go. But when the chain is effectively THE transmission system for the kart it is crazy not to take extra special care of them.

Also, professional racers replace their chains constantly, both for reliability and because chain wear causes performance losses. And when you consider the costs of karting at a professional level changing the chain every day is quite a smart thing to do for a relatively small cost.

However if you follow the link to the article you will see how a club racer can extend the life of their kart chain and therefore save some dosh!

Monday, June 15, 2009

SmartyCam on Kartintelligence

I've written a bit more on the SmartyCam at with some screen shots of the GPS data it produces for Race Studio Analysis

Head over to Kart Intelligence for the SmartyCam reveiew

My New Toy - The SmartyCam

I just had my first test with the Aim SmartyCam, and it is a serious bit of kit. Basically it integrates your Mychron data with video so you can watch yourself drive and use the data to figure out where and why you are quick, or slow!

Check out the official smartycam site

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Race to Win a new Golf GTi - Virtually!

To celebrate the release of their new Golf GTi, VW have put together a nifty little racing game you can play online, where high scorers go through to a prize draw to win a new Golf GTi for 3 months.

GTI Project

The game itself can be found here GTI Project website

It's based on a Scalextric track and the key to being quick is knowing when to lift and getting early on the power. We've had a few blasts but haven't managed to complete a full lap just yet, but hopefully you will see Karting1 on the high score board soon enough :)

Click to get started racing

Friday, February 13, 2009

F1 Legend Alex Hawkridge on Senna and Iztech Kart Seats

To find out what an F1 legend thinks made Senna different to all the rest, and how race driving philosophy can turn up in Iztech racing seats, check out the karting1 podcast with the Alex Hawkridge interview.

Alex is the man behin Toleman F1 which eventually became Benetton and now Renault. He was responsible for bringing Ayrton Senna into F1 and is now leading R&D for Iztech Kart Seats

Check out the karting1 podcast here

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MyTach GPS Watch

I've been playing around with the Mytach GPS watch from AiM, and frankly it's even better than the far more expensive GPS module that you can add to your Mychron 4.

The data from the Mytach can be imported straight into the Race Studio software and will produce all the usual features you would expect. You get your track map, limitless splits, speed trace, lat-g and long g. You cab use it to analyse lines and export them to google earth.

The mytach picks up satalites much faster than the GPS module and works inside cars and even inside some buildings when you are close to a window.

To find out more visit the mytach website